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    I am in the process of researching dad.s postings in the Middle East , 1941-1944 .His name is Eric Martin Winter and worked with 53 RSU, 51RSU, 103MU, 111MU, and others in Egypt, Libya and UK. I have many photos of his time there. Some other letters and numbers that I’m not sure of are; 3064 SE, 6456 SE, and 11 PDRC any info on these would be greatly appreciated.
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    PDRC is Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre (Royal Australian Air Force) from: PDRC and more on: RAFCommands Archive :: PDRC

    There are several choices here for RUS: RSU and too many for SE: SE
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    In the context of someone serving in the RAF in the period I would suggest that the various units are:-

    53 Repair & Salvage Unit which had several incarnations between Oct 1940 and Oct 1944 around the Med
    51 Repair & Salvage Unit formed 6/40 in Egypt and disbanded 11/44 in Italy
    The MUs are Maintenance Units in Egypt
    3064 SE would be 3064 Servicing Echelon between 14/11/41 and 22/3/44 when it was redesignated 6456 Servicing Echelon. These units were responsible for servicing Beaufighter and then Mosquito nightfighters of 456 (RAAF) sqn at various bases until disbanded with the squadron on 15/6/45.
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    Thanks Ewen , that’s a great help!
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    thanks TD

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