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    Is there any way searching out ATS commissions on Army Lists

    I am searching for ATS who served within the Auxiliary Units - Special Duties Branch of British Resistance Signals.

    Most were interviewed by Beatrice Temple and if their voice was acceptable for radio work were sent on a shortened course to the OCTU at Edinburgh. Once commissioned they were sent in groups of three to man underground radio stations.

    Some early correspondence states that Miss Churchill (of the tobacco family) served but I don't know her forenames or Army number can anyone help with that.

    Any help appreciated
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    Can't help I'm afraid, but thought I'd look at the property valuation rolls for Scotland to see if there were any prominent Churchill's around.

    The 1936 record set 6 entries for The Right Honourable Viscountess Christine Churchill. She married into that family in 1927.
    Person Page
    She owned 6 different properties at Langlee, Melrose (62 km from Edinburgh). House/office/gardens, shootings, a lodge, a gardeners lodge and rooms above the stables.

    I wonder if your Miss Churchill maybe connected to her in anyway. Interestingly, Christine divorced her 2nd husband, retired Army Officer Ralph Isham on charges of cruelty in 1938.

    She asked for no alimony, but only that she could revert back to her original married name of Christine Viscountess Churchill. So must have been a woman of means in her own right, or through her Churchill marriage or father.

    I don't know if this is the tobacco Churchills you speak of. Hope somebody can help with some answers for you.
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    Hi Bala

    Would love to know more about the special OCTU course held in Edinburgh. I have the military records for a close friend of my late father in-law. Her name is Margaret E. Denys-Burton. In her records it mentions:

    Posted to ATS Signals School 14 March 1945.

    Attended No. 42 WOSB (OCTU) ATS on 7 June 45.

    Admitted to Craiglockhart Hospital 24 April 45. Edin
    Discharged from at Craiglockhart Hospital 8 May 45.

    Passed Trade Test at ATS Sig. School wef. 28 May 45, qualified Gp 'D' Class III SBO.

    - I believe that WOSB (OCTU) is War Office Selection Board (Officer Cadet Training Unit) However it is interesting, that entry is not in chronological order, the line before is dated 14/3/45 and the one after (hospital stay at Craiglockhart is 24.4.45). According to my father in-law Margaret worked in France during the war and was an 'intelligence officer'. She was born in Ireland in 1921, daughter of a Sir Charles Peter Denys-Burton 4th Baronet. Her grandfather was a prominent British diplomat.

    Thanks db

    PS> Margaret remained a Private despite having taken officer training. She took an ATS NCO course (result B-) in summer of 1943. I'm not sure if a B- is a pass.

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