Artwork done as POW in Changi by dad, gunner 25 pounders

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Toby, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Toby

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    Hello from Adelaide Australia.

    We emigrated from UK to Australia in 1958 and I am proud to be the son of Des Bettany, ex POW. I have been in touch with the RSL (Returned Soldiers League) and they have suggested I advise you of a new website we have developed.

    Introducing a new website of 300 images dedicated to Des Bettany who served during WWII with Lancashire gunners on 25 pounders. Evacuated from Dunkirk and posted to North Malaya he was imprisoned by the Japanese at various sites POW camps in Changi.

    He painted to keep his sanity. This artwork of his service life before and after the Capitulation of Singapore is a range of fascinating illustrations, done sometimes with humour. This new website has been put together by us, Des’ family as a tribute and to help raise awareness of what the POWs went through, as seen through the eyes of one man, Des Bettany.

    After 60 years in a cupboard, at last, this artwork is available to all who have access to the internet. The site can be found at The Changi POW Artwork of Des Bettany | Prisoner of War at Changi, Singapore

    Could you please bring attention to those who may be interested in this site and if images are required for publications, I can provide high quality ones.

    Cheers and enjoy the Jubilee, looks great to us, lots of celebrating, just great.
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  2. Za Rodinu

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    Breathtaking, Tobi, thank you!
  3. Lofty1

    Lofty1 Senior Member

    Toby, welcome to the forum, and what a great contribution your first post has made, such a lot of work and beautifully put together. I am looking forward to looking at it all, thank you.
  4. Ron Goldstein

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    Brilliant !

    A wonderful tribute to your father and a super posting to annnounce your joining the forum.

    Well done !

  5. worrals

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    Welcome to the forum Toby. Thank you for sharing the amazing and wonderful artwork of your Father, very moving.
  6. 4jonboy

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    Toby, welcome to the forum, and what a great contribution your first post has made, such a lot of work and beautifully put together. I am looking forward to looking at it all, thank you.

    Welcome Toby-cannot add much to what Lofty has said, well done and a wonderful tribute to your father.

  7. TTH

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    Extremely impressive, Toby, thanks for posting. Your father was a very talented man.
  8. bamboo43

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    Well done Toby. Is there anything we can help you with?

    Best wishes

  9. Jedburgh22

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    Superb !

    Welcome to the forum

  10. Enigma1003

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    Thanks Toby.

    I came across the website a couple of months ago, and also spotted that some art is being displayed at The Museum of Lancashire in PRESTON.
    This is on until July 23rd.
    Wish I lived nearer, would love to see it.

  11. Lofty1

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    Have looked again tonight, fascinating pictures and a lot of names, would not be to sure where this thread might go, is somebody likely to find a relative, from what has been until recently, unknown pictures/caricatures.
    Reading about the artist, Toby you are right in being proud of you father.
  12. JJS

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    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Wilko6855

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    Hello Toby,
    Greetings from sunny Lancashire. I am very pleased that you have brought your fathers artwork to a wider audience. Well done.
    I have two connections with 88 Field Regiment. My uncle, Edgar Smith served with 88 and found himself a FEPOW in Changi. When he returned his medical records showed that he weighed just 92 pounds, but at least he DID get back. My wifes uncle, who also served with the Regiment was not so lucky. He was to be sent to work in Japan, but was on board the ship on which many FEPOWs died, having been torpedoed by the Americans. 88 had a drill hall in Lancaster, my home town, and I knew about eight survivors from the Regiment. Although the drill hall has now been demolished, the men from 88 Regiment are not forgotten here. Thank you for helping to keep their memory alive.

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