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  1. royal dragoon

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    Would appreciate any observations, comments regards trying to identify who is in, and where this photograph was taken.
    The photo was taken by a 1st Royal Dragoon (Armoured Car Regiment) and I suspect it may be in Netherlands, the building looks Dutch?
    One of the American soldiers has what could be a screaming eagle badge on his left arm?
    The 1st Royal Dragoons met up with the Americans prior to crossing the Seine, then in Eindhoven where two of their squadrons came under the command of 501st Combat Team, 101st Airborne
    Would these artillery pieces have been advancing with XXX corps?
    Royal Dragoon Artllery.jpeg
  2. Richelieu

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    I think that this is the junction of what is now Oude Dorpsstraat and the N69, about 5 km into the Netherlands. Cafe J. den Duden is now a crêperie.

    Google Maps

    The monument opposite commemorates “where British liberators set foot on Dutch soil for the first time”.

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  3. royal dragoon

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    Hi Richelieu,
    Thanks for the info it's really appreciated, will check it out, I have another post on this forum regards some tanks and amphibians parked in a street in the Netherlands it's off the same reel of film as this one and could have take about the same day?
    All info appreciated.
    Royal Dragoon
  4. Richelieu

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    I can only add that I believe this to be a 7.2-inch Howitzer Mk 6, and point you to this Pathé footage.

    I think that these were produced in relatively small numbers and were assigned to the Heavy Regiments RA so someone with more detailed information may be able to identify the actual unit and formation, and via the War Diary, perhaps even the date.

    Adding some extra detail to the thread title may attract more useful attention. Best of luck.

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