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  1. markinbelfast

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    Anyone else at the commerations this week....what did you think...I got some great photos..if anyone knows groups that could use them
  2. Paul Reed

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    Just got back; head still buzzing from having to co-ordinate 13 coach loads of vets and friends... but an excellent weekend and great to see so many veterans. Pity the Dutch police didn't get their act together a bit more, but there we are!

    I will be adding some photos to my site in due course; am sure we would like to see some of yours, Martin!
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    Let see some pics in the Gallery chaps!


  4. markinbelfast

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    Heres a thing...I was at the bridge for the 2nd batt Para commemoration...anyone else there?....anyway..I spotted two serving para officers with a pile of paper in their hands...they looked about and threw them in the bin! o_O ...I waited until they went and got them out...they were order of services for the event giving out the order of events....anyone want one for free them pm me!...only request is I DONT WANT TO SEE THEM ON EBAY OR SPEEDBID!!


    1.the passage leaving the cemetery was three deep when me and the brother arrived....we took our spot at the back....within 10 minutes it was seven deep.I looked back and seen a chelsea pensioner at the back straining to get a look. I pointed this out to my brother and we indicated for the chelsea pensioner bedecked in WW2 medals to come forward..he said 'no' as he was there with a lady...No and the brother parted the crowd and brought both to the very front row...10 minutes later Prince Charles came out and made a b-line for the pensioner and talked for some time...both pensioner and lady friend were delighted and said thanks needed was their day not ours.

    2.Me and the brother headed in Arnhem and were sitting at the small memorial (big tank gun and helmet-you know if you've been there)...there was about 8-9 veterans there all talking about the old times and snapping photos. Me and the brother walked to the waters edge and were approached by what can only be described as a 'gouger'...rather aggresively asked for 'a light' and then a cigarette...Non smokers...we didn't have any....5 minutes we retuned to the memorial and there was a lot of discussion among the veterans..One younger man (known to the party) was trying to get a medal wearing veteran to take some euro. The veteran was saying 'it wasnt a matter of the money but "It wasnt very nice" and I listened awhile before asking "all okay?"..."No not really lads" ...whats up...the veterans pointed to the aforementioned gouger sitting smoking..."he took our friends lighter and refuses to hand it back"
    Me and the brother walked over to gouger and said "lighter"..."dont understand" was the reply...Brother and I leant forward and let him know what was going to happen in the next ten seconds...lighter handed over and gouger exits left quickly...lighter with small pegasus motif handed back amind many thanks from the group...hate when gougers try to take advantage!

    3.Finally in the queue for sabarro (food place in the airport) and I noticed chap wearing glider pilot RAF type badge on coat-"over for the events sir?" I asked...we got talking and an argument started when I paid for their lunch...I sat talking to them--he was a glider pilot in the very first few that left the UK...taken prisoner after three days put in a POW camp north of lives in South couldn't pay for such a conversation!-honestly!
    Brother and I thanked him for his time and for what he had done in the was actually quite emotional leaving him and his wife...
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    I am showing my age but at my school, I had two teachers who had been on Market garden One had been a RSM the other a Sarjeant. Also, a local priest had been a padre on market garden, his story was very interesting!

    Also, in 1983, a friend and i were visiting my young brother who was stationed at laarbruch. We decided to to visit the three bridges in one day.

    off we went but due to traffic and trains we were only able to visit Eindhoven and Nijmegen bridges.

    At Nijmegan we stopped for the duty pics. When we got them developed I had to check one of the photos of me because i felt i had recognised the exact spot. Therefore I dug out all my books on the battle and sure enough, i found a photograph taken from the same spot except in the war time version, it showed the body of a dead SS mann!
  6. Paul Reed

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    Martin - many thanks for the 2/Para service sheet, which arrived today. I owe you one, mate! :)
  7. markinbelfast

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    :D no problems....out of all that read the forum you were the onlyone that asked...Guess I'll find some use for the rest!
    (can see them on ebay in 40 years going for a fortune!!!)


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