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    Hello All... I need help in identifying this armband. I bought it over 30 years ago at a local gun show because I collected cloth items. The colors appear to be purple or blue (more purple than blue), white and red. There is a dagger in the white square plus a wheel of some sorts. It does not glow under a black light. There are no ink stamps or tags on the armband. With the internet I have been looking for the image and found nothing, but that is why I am here asking for help. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Nice one RRTB.

    I had a google around & found the GVC Adrian helmet badge here.
    scroll down a bit.
    .: World War Helmets - Les casques Adrian des organismes civils :.

    Google translate
    The armistice agreements provide for cooperation of the French authorities to monitor sensitive areas including communication. For this purpose, the Vichy government created by the law of 24 January 1941, the Guards of Ways of Communication (GVC) under the General Secretariat for the Police of the Ministry of Interior.
    If their main task is supervision of railways and related facilities, train stations, bridges, tunnels, canals, waterways and locks and bridges, are also involved.
    Recruitment is among the demobilized and other volunteers. Many candidates seem to have preferred to engage in the GVC to avoid the STO. The workforce experienced a steady and significant growth reaching 8 000 men in 1944.
    The guards wear black uniforms reminiscent of the police and a flat cap adorned with the insignia of GVC; similar to the police, but on which the ax is replaced by a dagger surmounting a gear. They also have a black Miss 26 helmet whose attribute uses the same badge. To carry out their patrols, they are equipped with a whistle and a weapon.
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    Thank you so much for helping me solve a 32 year old mystery. I started collecting in 1978 and would get items at the local gun shows and a few army navy shops. I look now with the world wide web and what a huge difference with availability, knowledge and research. It makes me want to collect again but that’s not going to happen. I have a few items left over I still need to get rid of, just need to decide how I will do it. The link you gave me to the auction site stated the armband or emblem was in Littlejohn’s vol. 1 p195, would they be referring to Foreign Legions of the Third Reich? At one point I owned the series of books and even got my name in the acknowledgements of the first book.

    Thanks again to RRTB and Owen for their contributions.

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