Arado Ar234A (early skid version) recon jet info.

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    Hi Folks,
    I'd like to pick the collective's brains about this. I have searched high and low for info/pics of the rear underside of the early A model 234.

    The V or A models were fitted with two recon cameras in the tail, facing directly downwards. They were angled at 12 degs right and left to get full coverage, BUT I cannot find any pics of the cameras ports from the underside. There are plenty of the mock-up versions and even shown fitted from the top in use, but nothing from below.

    The rear fuselage surely cannot be open to the elements, as the tail would get presurised and over stressed, also this would allow water/condensation to get in? So were there fixed perspex panels fitted, or perspex panels with covers that were opened when the cameras were activated?

    In Erich Sommer's book (an Ar234A pilot), he states he 'opens the shutters' on several occasions, now is that opening shutters/covers to expose the camera lenses or does it mean to operate the cameras and take pictures ie a camera shutter??

    If anyone can help, thank you.


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