Anzio / Stalag XI-A and (Hospital) Lager Lazaret XI

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    I've been trawling the forums, but a few links to interesting stuff seem to be lost (go to dead sites).

    I would really appreciate it if anyone has any photos of the hospital and camps mentioned in the subject. I'm researching a person who seems to have been captured very on at Battle of Anzio.

    Name J G Anderson
    Rank Lance Corporal
    Army Number 5948407
    Regiment Loyal Regiment
    POW Number 137664
    Camp Type Stalag
    Camp Number XI-A
    Camp Location Altengrabow, Saxony-Anhalt

    Beforehand he seems to have been at Lager Lazaret XI - A Tanger-Hutte Sachsen, Prussia 52-12

    I have not really found much out about his POW days except the above from Ancestry,

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