Anyone here play or played the MMO WW2 Online Battleground Europe?

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by 39thmilitia, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. 39thmilitia

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    I find it to be quite a fun game and have been playing since 2004.

    If you like FPSs you might not like this game as it is a sim. The graphics are up to shoe box shooters as a large chunk or Europe is modelled and the game has a view distance of up to 8000 metres.
  2. 39thmilitia

    39thmilitia Member

    Everyone should play.
  3. nickc

    nickc Member

    looks good and i have thought about it before, i believe its a massive game, is it easy to set up and get straight into?
  4. 39thmilitia

    39thmilitia Member

    is it easy to set up and get straight into?

    No, it's very hard to get into.

    The reason is that there are no hit points in the game. People don't lose 50% of their health per shot, etc, but die most times from one shot.

    Shooting a tank 50 times if the shots don't penetrate don't kill the tank. The rounds have to penetrate, hit ammo, fuel, crew, etc and destroy the tank.

    There's also bullet drop to contend with meaning you have to work out ranges to shoot at.

    And to top it all off, Quake style play = you dead from someone who was hiding in concealment/cover.

    Most people though seem to complain about the graphics from what I've heard though, which is a pity because imho the gameplay is brilliant.
  5. nickc

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    ok i guess i will have to have a go for myself and make my own mind up, i will feedback as i get into it,maybe get some pointers


  6. 39thmilitia

    39thmilitia Member

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