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    Hi everyone
    I've just joined because I need some urgent important information regarding a boot I've found at a WW2 crash site. I am not experienced, and don't want to share too much regarding location for obvious reasons, but it is in the Lake District, England. I will have many questions, but firstly can anyone tell me what markings are on the outside please? There is a 'D', and I know two other options of 'W' and 'M'.

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  2. Oldman

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    It may be W D as a lot of government issue was annotated in this way often with an arrow between the words
  3. steviebyday

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    maybe it could just be the owners initials,
  4. Rich Payne

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    They are usually marked W^D on the outer face of the inside leg with a number underneath. I'm not sure what the number signifies. It doesn't seem to be the size but I haven't studied them. They are hard enough to read on that pebble-grained leather even when the boots are 'New Old Stock'. It may be a manufacturer's code.

    These boots were made for many years and used by many organisations long after the war. They were sold off in huge quantities surplus too so probably much used by farmers and hill-walkers in the 1950s too.

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