Allied POW repatriations from Europe,

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    Hi TD,
    No dates ,just places of capture ,some are repatriations others may be escapees to Switzerland etc and termed as repatriated once returned to England? Just guessing here though.

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    Hmm - I was hoping to relate some to Mercy Missions. I guess those that were escapees to Switzerland would not have been released until after May 1945 or did the Swiss allow some to be released [then moved perhaps to Marseilles] - trouble is its very small numbers in the context of the War and often not fully recorded as regards dates etc

    Just guessing here myself - oh well time for ..................

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    Great to see these lists. I note that "1286" is stamped on some pages, Could this refer to NA file series?

    Reference: WO 417/68
    Casualty Lists - Other Ranks 1280 - 1303
    Date: 1943 Nov 02 - 1943 Nov 29
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
    Legal status: Public Record(s)
    Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
    Access conditions: Open on Transfer
    Record opening date: 15 November 2014

    I see these are available from Find My Past for $$.

    I wonder if this series also includes New Zealand, Australia, South Africa etc?

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    I have undertaken some more research paying my $$ to FMP and now believe this is the Casualty List (Other Ranks #1286) that records this exchange described on Bill Rudd's website;
    Chapter 10 - Red Cross Repatriation | ANZAC POW Free Men in Europe

    "The first exchange in which the German Government participated is that of October 1943, a few months after the Anglo/Italian exchanges ceased when Italy surrendered to the Allies in early September 1943. This is the Sixth Exchange as recorded by the ICRC. There are also source differences in actual numbers, depending perhaps on whether the numbers were agreed upon or were those planned for, or which actually did take place."

    Bill's site has a great deal of information and is well worth a visit.
    PS to answer my own question, these casualty lists are UK only and not the dominions.
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