Allied Close Air Support 1943 - 1945 PhD Thesis

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    This thesis is a study of close air support within
    the historical context of World War II, with the
    analysis focusing upon the use of tactical air
    power by British and American forces during the
    campaigns in North-West Europe and Italy in 1943-
    45. The thesis addresses the fundamental questions
    of whether the employment of air resources in the
    close support role provided sufficient advantage at
    the battlefront to justify the associated
    expenditure of effort and the risk to aircraft and
    pilots, and whether air support proved to be of
    more value, and more cost effective, when directed
    upon interdiction targets beyond the immediate
    battlefront, such as German communications, transport and supplies.

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    I will have a read. Op STRANGLE - the interdiction battle run by the Air Forces in Italy was deemed to have not been very productive despite the 96,000 missions that were flown. If anything, the blowing up of bridges and marshalling yards ended up slowing the advance north because every piece of damage had to be rectified.

    Close air support, given that the Allies enjoyed air supremacy, was very successful and much appreciated by the Army - when the Air Forces were able to hit the right target!


  3. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    116th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment war diary

    Le Mont
    8/8/44 381 battery, 12.35hrs Fortress dropped 6 bombs crashed 1-2 miles

    8/8/44 engagement rep from C Troop 19.10 hrs ,20 round (bofors) fired at 8 Thunderbolts machine gunning and dive bombing also engaged by J troop

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