Algonquin - were they ever fully motorized?

Discussion in 'Canadian' started by JackGe, Dec 15, 2016.

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    Best as I can say, as the Canadian Armd Div was based on the British equivalent, they would be organised as a Infantry Battalion in an Armd Div. That is mostly the same transport as a normal Inf Bn, but not enough to lift all their Rifle Coys without additional support, which in this case would come from Troop Carrying Vehicle (TCV) equipped Pls of the RCASC. The Lake Superior Regt was the Motor Bn and was equipped with enough vehicles to move all its own personnel unaided. 10th Cdn Inf Bde would get its MMG support from the 10th Indep MG Coy staffed by the New Brunswick Rangers.

    I did start a thread about the intricacies of how many TCVs (modified 3-tonners) were allocated per Inf Bn in a British Armd Div but got distracted. There are war diaries online now for a fair few Canadian units in Normandy, I imagine someone can recall the link? It might give some detail in there.

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    Hi Gary, thank you for the prompt response.

    I think you've answered my query with the introduction of the New Brunswick Rangers. Although there is a support company (I imagine they would have carriers to transport mortars and MMG's) , they were not manned by the Algonquins.

    Interesting they too had a moose on their badge:



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