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    Hi..Im a newbie...I am attempting to research my uncle..Pte Alexander Mitchell..8Th Royal Scots. Service no 6985380! He was awarded the MM and was killed in Germany 24/2/1946 aged 22 yrs.He lies in Rehinberg War Cemetry. As I intend to visit his grave soon I would really like to find out something about the manner of his death and the circumstances surrounding his MM award...any help or advice would really be appreciated
  2. Owen

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    Details of his award can be bought here .

    You can get his full service records from the MoD for 30 quid.

    Battalion War diary will be useful too

    WO 171/5258
    8 Royal Scots
    Date: 1945 Jan.-Dec

    There are a few chaps on the forum who can help with copying that.

    Brief history of the battalion here.
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  3. Betty51

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    Thank you Owen
  4. Owen

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  5. Drew5233

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    Hi Betty

    I'm away from my PC until pretty much next week. Drop me a message to remind me of this thread with a link as I may have the battalion war diary. I've certainly got a regimental history of this regiment I can look in for you.

    Do you know much about his Military Medal?

  6. Drew5233

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    He was awarded the MM on the 29th September 1944, charging enemy MG positions firing a Bren Gun from the hip after C Company were sustaining heavy casualties from a enemy position behind C Company's advance.

    I have the 1944 war diary and it doesn't mention much by the citation is quite detailed. Hopefully someone will post a copy of it up before next week.
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    Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 22.53.03.png Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 22.53.12.png
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  8. Drew5233

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    From Pontius Pilates Bodyguards Vol.2 by Paterson
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    Betty51 - If you wish I could show you around in the Rhineland area for a day, just send me a PM.
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    Thanks for all your help folks..I am so much better informed now..will my uncles war records give details about his death...I believe he was killed by a sniper
  11. Drew5233

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    Unlikely. The main piece of information gained from records is the units a soldier served with, often more than one, and the dates he was with those units. As an outside gamble on the circumstances surrounding his death the regiments missing men file at the National Archives would be worth a look.


    I would say with the war in North West Europe ending in May 1945 its unlikely he was killed by a sniper in 1946. Post war deaths tend to be attributed to things like training accidents, RTC's and illness.
  12. Owen

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  13. Drew5233

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    I think I have the 1945 diary, I'll check it later.
  14. Drew5233

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    According to the CWGC docs he was moved from his original burial site in 1946. Can anyone convert the grid ref?

  15. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    Unfortunately I don't have the 1945 war diary.
  16. stolpi

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  17. Owen

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  18. stolpi

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    The main East - West road running hard south of the castle is the former railroad which connected the Dutch village of Boxtel with Wesel, aka 'Boxteler Bahn'. It also runs through the Hochwald Gap. The railroad was not taken in use again after the war.

    It was here, in the woods astride the railroad south of Schloss Kalbeck, that 'Op Veritable' ended for the 15th Scottish Division after the capture of Goch. The Division was relieved by the 3rd British Infantry Division on the 24th and 25th of February 45. The 3rd Division continued the advance to the south in 'Op Heather' (see new book: "The noise of Battle" by Tony Colvin). 15th Division went into reserve to prepare for the next stage in the 21st Army Group's operations: the Rhine Crossing.
  19. CoenNL

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    Excuses for digging up an old thread, but this is how Schloss Kalbeck looks today:

    PicsArt_02-22-01.05.17.jpg PicsArt_02-22-01.04.46.jpg
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  20. Jim Blair (Gibson)

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    Hi Betty,
    I just heard about your uncle recently from an old newspaper clipping from a deceased Aunt. Therefore I know he is part of my Gibson family tree.
    I hope you were able to make the trip planned back in 2016. I believe your Grandmother is Ellen Jane Gibson, and you are a daughter of either James, John, Maggie or William. If so, I would love to hear from you at blairjim(at)

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