Albert Duncan Handsley - LT/JX225548

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  1. alanatabz

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    Looking to see where Albert Handsley LT/JX225548 was caught and became a POW.

    Must have been serving somewhere in 1940/41 when he was reported as a POW, he was with the Royal Navy as a seaman. Looking for ship name?

    (TNA reference)

    Date of Capture: 27 June 1941.

    Theatre of Capture: North Africa.

    Camp Name/Number: Stalag XB Sandbostel.

    PoW number: 110589.

    Anybody any ideas?
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  2. CL1

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    Do you have his service records?
  3. Hugh MacLean

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    His service number indicates service with the RNPS - this makes sense as he was a fisherman pre war and he was called up in October 1940.
    It appears he served at HMS STAG (K Division) as he was initially reported killed but later his family received confirmation that he was a prisoner of war.
    HMS STAG was the Naval Base at Port Said and he could have been serving at sea on a ship or landing craft at that time but the file you link to WO 416/160/370 may indicate exactly the circumstances of his capture.

    Combined Training Centre Middle East - HMS Saunders


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  4. alanatabz

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    Thanks Hugh.

    I don't have much info other than the newspaper articles from BNA

    His wife wasn't 21 as best I can tell. she was about 28 based on Scotlands people records.


  5. Hugh MacLean

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    His premature death was listed so we know he was based at HMS STAG but we don't know the ship or circumstance of his capture.
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  6. timuk

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    To avoid confusion I rather think the 21 is part of her address '21 Seamount Place', not her age.

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