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    Hi Alistair,

    I doubt their paths would’ve crossed. Pte Scully would’ve done his 6 months initial training at the Regimental Depot and was then probably posted to the 2nd Battalion in Northern Ireland by late 1936 or even went out on draft to 1st Border in India.

    In pre WW1 days Special Reserve (forerunner of TA) recruits did the same 6 month initial training (likely different squads though) at the Regimental Depot as their Regular Army contemporaries but I ’m not aware that inter war TA recruits did any ‘initial’ recruit training at The Depot immediately following attestation.

    However I know that my Dad did a month long Signals Course at the Regimental Depot, Carlisle Castle in January 1936 (I have a photo of him with other Course attendees (various ranks) from 5th Border.


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