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    This was posted from the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln. Anybody on here help out?

    A request for help from a friend who acquired an RAF Log Book in a charity shop which he would love to pass on to the family. The problem is that details are brief but I would ask that anyone reading this copy/forward/post to their own social media platform in the hope that someone will know the "owner" of the log book.

    Details are:
    RAF Air Gunner A. D. Kerr 3022672 who trained the gunnery school in Barrow in 1944. Later flew in Lancasters from RAF Kirmington (now Humberside Airport) from January 1945 to June.

    If anyone knows of or is related to Sergeant Kerr please email me
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    Thank you very much. I have forwarded this request to the 166 Sqn Webmaster. Fingers crossed.
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    Looked like a very active website so fingers crossed here as well.

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