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    In the latest Issue 184 of After the Battle, Tomasz Zgoda provides an excellent article on the two Oder bridgeheads: Schwedt and Zehden. In his description of the Zehden bridgehead he shows (pp.23-24) colour stills of StuH 42 and Stug III assault howitzers/guns and mentions that the stills came from film shot by Marine-Kreigsberichter Gerhard Garms. The film can be seen at:

    In the caption to the still on p.23, Tomasz mentions that the StuG IIIs came from Sturmgeschuetz-Brigade 210. The caption on p.24 mentions that this brigade was relieved by Sturm-Artillerie-Brigade 184. However, clearly visible in the film at 2.13-2.15, the commander of one of the vehicles (not sure if it is a StuH or StuG) is wearing a SS collar tab. Tomasz makes no mention of a Waffen-SS StuH or StuG unit involvement in the Zehden bridgehead so any ideas from which Waffen-SS unit the commander and vehicles might have come? Perhaps he was an individual reinforcement to one or other of the army assault gun units.

    In the article, he also mentions the involvement in the battle for the bridgehead of a SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Karl Fucker. Not sure how he kept a straight face as he wrote that name!


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