Advice on tracing secret w/t messages received in Malta from North Africa 1942

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    Hi, I've been tracing my dad's WW2 covert activities whilst he was in Tunis. He was originally employed by the British consul and then loaned to take care of British interests at the American consul following the breakdown of British relations with Vichy France. Whilst there he organised and operated a network of informants and from about March 1942 until November 1942 he used an OSS supplied wireless transmitter to pass operational intelligence to Malta (I believe his secret number was 1492 and the station name was COLUMBUS... these details were disclosed in a document released by the CIA archives in a report dated 25th February 1942 by Bill Eddy, the Naval Attache in Tangier and head of OSS North Africa, about a meeting in Gibraltar with the SI/SOE chief of Malta, a Major who was a former POW released on parole).

    I was wondering if and how I can trace who the chief of SI/SOE Malta was, exactly where the operational intelligence was received and also if it is possible to discover the value of the information supplied.

    Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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