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Discussion in 'SOE & OSS' started by en830, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Not often I get to post something like this. This week saw the launch of a new book on the final few years of the Life of Violette Szabó, the SOE operative and subject of the film Carve her Name with Pride.

    The book is special as it is written by her daughter Tania Szabó. The launch on Thursday was attended by many local dignitaries as well as Sir Henry Cooper and his wife, Bob Large, the 161 Sqn Lysander pilot who brought Violette back to the UK after her first mission to France and the author Harry Patterson.

    I must admit to being smitten by Tania, I first met her back in 1999 when she helped me with some translation for the Scheidhauer memorial, and then again in 2002 when she read High Flight at the Woodward and McPhail memorial service. She is great fun and I guess, from what I’ve read and heard about her mother, a chip off the old block, being just as mischievous as her mother appears to have been.

    Here are a couple of photographs taken by the present Mrs En830

    The author and an admirer

    Left to right, Mrs En830 Senior, Flt Lt R G (Bob) Large, DFC, Legion d'Honneur, En830, Mrs Bob Large and Paul Holly (Tania's partner and former army intelligence officer)

    Bob also flew with 616 Sqn and 66 Sqn during which he had the ignominy of being shot down by one of Galland’s henchmen for which he was kill No 36. He recalls that it was in a pressurised Spitfire Mk VI

    Bob went on to undertake many sorties with 161 Sqn for which he was awarded his various medals. Later he flew Meteors and his dog Patrick, became the first dog in the Allied Forces to fly in a jet which took place in a Meteor 3 on 11th May 1946 and is now recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

    We spent 20 mins chatting to Bob and his party, hopefully we didn't bore them too much.

    For anyone interested the book is called "Young Brave and Beautiful"
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    Wow I'll look out for that book En830. Looks like you had a good time with some remarkable people.

  3. Gage

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    That looked like a fantastic day. What an honour that must have been. Brill pictures en830. Violette Szabo, such a couragous woman. Have to keep an eye out for that book.
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    :poppy: Hello everyone and En,
    Young Brave and Beautiful is obtainable by emailing paul.simmonds@jerseywartunnels.com, the CEO of The Jersey War Tunnels. They purchased the entire first print of the hardback.
    I have not written another biography but have dramatically recreated her two missions in 1944 in Rouen and in Sussac - covering almost each day and using 'flashback' to fill in a necessary background to her life. It corrects many errors, contains a great deal of personal research - mostly with corroboration from other sources and puts paid to the suggestion that she may not even have had a gun battle against part of the Das Reich Panzers and their Feldgendarmerie outpost. She did and she killed at least one German corporal and this was instrumental in her being awarded by 'Rivier' the Croix de Guerre with Star in September of 1944 in her absence. But Rouen is opened up so that it can be seen just what she accomplished on that first extremely perilous mission in the most dangerous area of France in April 1944 with the exception of Calais-Dieppe. Well, thanks for reading this and happy year all year to each member. Ciao for now. Au revoir.
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    A very warm Welcome and a happy new year to you Tania.

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    Yes, indeed. Welcome to the WW2 forum and I hope your book is a great success.
  7. Gerard

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    Hello Tania! Best of luck with the book and nice to see you posting on the forums!!
  8. Gage

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    Hiya Tania. Thanks for the info and reminder.
  9. Peter Clare

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    Hello Tania,
    Welcome to the forum, good luck with the book, and a happy New Year.
  10. Owen

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    Welcome to the site, Tania.
    I see you joined before me.
    Join date: Sep 2005
    Looks like I might have to get your book now.
    I'll make a change for me not to read about hairy-a*sed soldiers.
  11. Christos

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    I still have a War Movie film book with an advertiser for "Carve her Name With Pride".....always wanted to see that one, but could never quite locate a video copy or be present when it's been shown on the box more than once or twice. Great to have a book to look forward to. Many best wishes for it's success!
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    As a point of interest, I discovered a website devoted to the women of the SOE. Here's a link to the article on Violette Szabo. This URL has likely been posted in the past, but just in case:

    Szabo, Violette - Biography

  13. Tania SZ

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    Wow I'll look out for that book En830. Looks like you had a good time with some remarkable people.

    Hello everyone and thanks for the welcome.
    Hope you can get copies and enjoy reading Young Brave and Beautiful.
    All the best,
  14. Tania SZ

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
    Hope you can get copies of Young Brave and Beautiful and enjoy reading it.
    All the best,
  15. Owen

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    I emailed Paul Simmonds but never got a reply.
    How much is the book and is there an address I can write to ?
    EDIT, sorry I'll contact them through here.

    Jersey War Tunnels
    Les Charrieres Malorey
    St Lawrence, Jersey
    Channel Islands
    JE3 1FU
    Tel: +44(0)1534 860 808
    Fax: +44(0)1534 860 886
  16. Gage

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  17. David Elgy

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    I am hoping to visit Salon-le Tour later this year. I live approximately 3 hrs from the village. A good read on the capture of Violette,including photographs,is the book Das Reich by Phillip Vickers. My sister-in-law bought it for me last year but had to order it from America. I don't know whether you can buy it in the UK. The book also covers Tulle,Oradour and SAS Operation Bulbasket. I visited the SAS graves,from the Bulbasket operation,in Rom,last week. I am visiting Oradour-sur-Glane on the 10th June,the aniversary of the massacre. If anyone is considering going,please get in touch. This will be my 4 th visit and i am expecting to be moved even more on this occasion. I live 2 hrs 15 mins from Oradour. I must but Tania's book soon.
  18. Steve G

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    A good read on the capture of Violette,including photographs,is the book Das Reich by Phillip Vickers. My sister-in-law bought it for me last year but had to order it from America. I don't know whether you can buy it in the UK.

    :huh: Blimey, David! Ye most certainly can buy it 'local'. It was the first WW2 book I bought. I can't honestly remember who from. But it would've been one of the huge military book selling outfits so often mentioned on here ~ I've dealt with two and been delighted with both services ~ or it could possibly have been Amazon. Again; Faultless service throughout.

    And what a cracking book, isn't it? " Das Reich ". Though it doesn't seem to pull too many punches over the dreadful fate of those poor SOE girls. Not a comforting read :(

    Anyway, now that ye posting has reminded me, I'll make a note to try and find the Violette Szabó book, available for purchase with a Maestro card.

    Oh hell. Then I'll simply have to buy a new book shelf too. WW2 books. WW2 DVDs. Since joining this place I'm already tripping over them. And all it takes is one more post and, look; Another bloody book to buy and work my way through to! I love it! :lol:

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