A.W.Powell, Royal Engineers.

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  1. alanatabz

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    Looking for any information on an A.W. Powell of the Royal Engineers, probably 11th Coy Bomb Disposal.

    I suspect he was a Lance Sergeant

    Would appear to have been injured near Aberdeen in a Minefield accident, possibly a mine detonated under the bren gun carrier that was pulling out fencing.

    Anybody any info?
  2. ChrisR

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    Don't know if these are related, but on 7 Aug 1946, 11 BD Company lost three men to a mine at Rattray Head, not a million miles from Aberdeen.

    On 26 March 1946 there were the following casualties from 11 BD, but I don't know where -
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  3. Tricky Dicky

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    11 BD Coy at Edinburgh was formed on 28th August 1940, under the command of Capt R J H Minty RE.

    In Scottish Command there was just one BD Company, 11 BD Coy which was based in Edinburgh. It had the usual ten sections covering the whole of Scotland and were based at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow (two sections), Dundee, Perth and Stirling. 88 BD section was on Orkney with 89 BD Section in the Shetlands.

    The Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Officers Club – ROYAL ENGINEER BOMB DISPOSAL HISTORY

    Will keep on looking
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  4. alanatabz

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    Hi Guys

    Yes, have the details of Rattray Head , 26th March 46th was also at Rattray. Wood stepped on a mine killing both him and Wallis

    LC Powell was at "North Aberdeen Beaches" - Tarbothill Farm / Berryhill. The wasp that was doing the flame throwing was also being used to drag fencing off the minefield. The result was possible loss of hand, or damage to Powell's hand.

    Trying to find A.W. Powell's christian name (book thats coming out shortly) and trying to expand on the people listed with any additional info.

    I have a number of photos from Major Hewitt the OC of the clearance from Aberdeenshire areas.


  5. ChrisR

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    Alan, I expect you have this stuff already, but here is a photo that I think is Hewitt (in peaked hat), and some details relating to the incident for which he was awarded a George Medal. -
  6. alanatabz

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    Hi Chris

    have the info for his award, as that's in TNA. Not seen the picture before, and not sure what Hewitt looks like. It looks like this picture is in England based on the police and parachute mine in the picture. Where did the picture come from?
  7. alanatabz

    alanatabz Active Member

    What it from Docklands museum, London?
  8. ChrisR

    ChrisR Senior Member

    The above photo you can find on the net, ( Heroism on display ), but a similar one taken at the same time is in the book 'A Photographic story of war time bomb disposal' by Lt Col Eric Wakeling with a caption mentioning Hewitt. -
  9. alanatabz

    alanatabz Active Member


    I have that picture in a book. "A Photographic story of war time bomb disposal" By L/C Wakeling

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