A unique Africa Star?

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    Was the Africa Star awarded to Eisenhower with the entitlement to wear both 1st and 8th Army emblems unique? See attached message extracted from WO 229/34.

    I have found no images of him wearing the ribbon nor star, and wonder if he received both bars when he finally received the star.

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    Interesting document and question Richelieu. I know one thing, the British Army hate double medalling at the best of times, a few eyebrows would have been raised at Churchill's award to Eisenhower via the King.
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    Here he is wearing the ribbon and the two silver numerals:

    8 &1.jpg
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    I read your post Ron.

    So, as Eisenhower was not “on the posted strength of, or attached for duty to, a formation or unit which appeared on the Order of Battle” of either army he was not entitled to either clasp!

    He must have had connections!
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    Told you people would get upset! :)
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