A true gentleman Sgt John (Jack) Hobbs

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    A wartime veteran, who never missed a Remembrance parade, has died.

    Jack Dobbs, 99, died peacefully in his sleep at Abbeyfield Care Home, Alnwick, on Monday.


    3911393 Sgt John Hobbs was born in 1916 he joined the SWB in 1940 and served in the home forces until he landed in France in late June 1944 he joined the 10th Durham Light Infantry in July 1944 and fought with them until it was disbanded. His association with the DLI continued when he joined the 9th DLI and fought with them until the end of the war. He always felt it was his duty to remember his fallen comrades and never missed a remembrance parade even attending the last one in his wheelchair due to ill health. John recorded his memories for the IWM Media collection his contribution can be found here;-



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    Kyle - re Jack Hobbs

    I don't think I picked him up for the Website and should have done - based on the information you uploaded. I must check further. Anything else you could reference so I can set up a page for him?


    John L Dixon

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