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    I have for a number of years been looking into my uncle who served (and died) with the 6Th Black Watch (oh just to confuse matters in the front page of Edwins personel diary it shows he also served with 4th BW prior to 6th)in Italy 1944. I was told by my father that the uncle(Edwin) originally served with the Argyll's, I have found the list that shows which service numbers were allocated to which regiments and this confirms Edwin originally served witht he Argyll's. I have a few questions I am wondering if anyone can help with...
    1. Was there a specific point the Argylls transferred to the 6th BW or was it a personal choice.
    2. Is there a way of finding out which A&S regt and coy he served with.
    3. Was there a specific recruitment drive in Bradford or Yorkshire for the regts served with ( as I have a photo that shows around 12 soldiers all from the Bradford area.
    Many thanks
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    1. The Army decided where men went. He may have been at a IRD & the Black Watch needed replacements , men from any regiment would be posted to them.
    2.His service records should list what Bn if any - he was in . (He may have enlisted with the A&SH , done his training then posted to a BW battalion due to shortages of men.)
    3. Regiments from areas with a sparse rural population recruited in big cities where there were more potential recruits. A Highland regiment may have looked more glamourous to a potential recruit than the local one.

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