A book mystery - can you help?

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    Hello all,

    A few years ago I read a fascinating book written by a US bomber pilot (or co-pilot) flying over occupied Europe. For the lie of me I can't remember the title.

    What I can remember:

    - US bomber pilot or potentially Co-pilot
    - His tour was in 1943 possibly early 1944
    - Possibly flying B-24s
    - Pretty raw account of his emotions and feelings of not wanting to go on raids
    - The author became an english professor in the US after the war
    - Title was fairly short and sweet

    As you can see I can't remember much and what I can would probably apply to a fair few books. Any help would be most appreciated!
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  3. andy007

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    Thanks Cee, I think you may have found it!

    I don’t remember it being an edited version but in my mind the professor was in Texas, maybe I just combined the author and editor into oneperson!
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    Yeah I think that is what happened. The author is from Texas and the editor/professor while teaching at Texas Tech University came across the memoir and decided it was worthy enough for publication.

    Regards ...
  5. andy007

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    Ahhhh yes that sounds very familiar! Once again many thanks Cee.
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