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    My Dad has this photograph from my Grandfather's service in India. I'm struggling to find any information about the 95th, as strangely, the R.E.M.E website suggests that it didn't exist until 1947? The photograph has a control stamp on the back, which suggests it was posted during wartime?

    If anyone can shed any light on R.E.M.E movements in India, I'd be very grateful. All I know about my Grandfather is he was in India, as a despatch rider, he told my Dad he used to drive Tank transporters, but he was also injured some time before the end of the war, but not during warfare, does anyone know if there would be a record of hospitalisations?

    Maybe someone will know or be related to some of the other members! The Captain was a G D Icke.

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    From Wikepedia:
    95th (Birmingham) Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA – newly raised in April 1939, with 204 Bty from 73 AA Regiment.
    HQ and 293 AA Battery at Washwood Heath
    204 (Warwickshire) AA Battery at Saltley

    According to Joslen's "Orders of Battle", 95 HAA Regt consisted of 204, 293 and 340 Btys.
    11.4.42. Arrived in India from United Kingdom and moved to Barrackpore under command 1 Ind AA Bde.
    1943 was spent in the Calcutta area.
    1.4.44. Regt disbanded in India


    p.s. The picture is not very clear.. Any chance of a higher definition one?
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    Thanks Richard, much appreciated!

    Sorry yes, I'll scan the pic in properly and re post!


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