942070 Joseph Carlyle Blackburn? BEM, RAF

Discussion in 'Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy' started by Trosper, May 25, 2022.

  1. Trosper

    Trosper New Member

    I’m searching for Joseph’s descendants, if any.
  2. Waddell

    Waddell Well-Known Member

    Welcome Trosper,

    A bit more information would be helpful. What nationality? Which arm of service? Any information you already know that may be useful.

  3. Trosper

    Trosper New Member

    Of course… he apparently was in the RAF. He was born in 1919. I believe he was stationed in Malta.
  4. RAFCommands

    RAFCommands Senior Member

    942070 - he was awarded BEM 28 May 1943

    Looks like he passed away 2000 in North Tyneside, you can get an abbreviated service record from RAF Disclosures but it will be 2025 before the full record will be released to you.

    His birth, 1939 register entry and death are all in generally the same area so I would order a copy of his death certificate and use this to look for clues as to address or close relatives.

    You can identify close relatives from the records above on Gene sites and go cross check with the death certificate.

  5. Trosper

    Trosper New Member

    Thank you, Ross. I have some “found” items that I would like to give to his family.

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