930 Coy R.A.S.C. (General Transport) B.L.A. & B.A.O.R. 1944-45.

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    A scarce souvenir history of the 930 Coy R.A.S.C. (G.T.) covering their time in France, Belgium, Germany and Holland.

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    Morning High Wood,

    A great little book on 930 Coy and thank you for sharing it with everyone.

    Just conducted a quick search on the CWGC site for the four men listed in the Roll of Honour:

    • T/154856 Cpl Frank Lewis Swain - Died 3 Nov 1944 (Oostende Cemetery, Belgium). Personal inscription reads "RE-UNITED WITH HIS WIFE PEGGY, KILLED BY ENEMY ACTION LONDON 1ST JULY 1944".
    • T/14655548 Dvr Gerald John Hemingway Clay - Died 7 Nov 1944 (Dieppe Cemetery, France).
    • T/6355671 Dvr Henry Edward Wood - Died 25 May 1945 (Jonkerbos Cemetery, Netherlands).
    • T/87136 Sgt Leslie Hervey Millington - Died 1 Oct 1945 (Groesbeek, Netherlands).
    Tragically, the last two men died post VE Day and I expect the War Diary may explain how.


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    Thank you for posting these details. I only bought the booklet on Monday and have not had time to research it properly yet. I did have a quick look for the names on the C.W.G.C. site. Two of the men were from Kent, (Maidstone and Bexley Heath). One from St Albans and one from Stratford, Manchester. I will look to see if any of them appear in local newspapers when I get a moment.
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    I have found the details of Peggy Swain. Although Peggy was one of her forenames, she was not using it in 1939 when the register was compiled or when she was killed. She appears to have been killed at a pub called, The Goat, on Queen Elizabeth Street, Bermondsey. Peggy's mother Helen Harriet Bravery, 54, of 16 Queen Elizabeth Street, Bermondsey, died on the same day.


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    I have just found this on the internet.

    V1. SE1 Bermondsey. Bermondsey Between Queen Elizabeth Street and Gainsford Street 01/07/1944 18:54. This serious incident occurred when the V1 expoded after hitting the Goat Public House which stood at 16, Queen Elizabeth Street. 18 people were killed. The pub was totally demolished. A 4 storey building (Horsleydown Mansions) used as 'model dwellings' was also severly damaged.
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    Interestingly, Sgt Millington, Cpl Swain and Dvr Clay were all in B Platoon, 930 Coy. Sgt Millington also appears in HQ Platoon and in the group photograph on pg.14 of the booklet.

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