8th Mechanized Corps battles Army Group Centre, Dubno, June 1941.

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    While I rarely search for information on the Soviet-German front, I have once again come across a nice battle article that is sadly lacking maps. And once again I have found other maps that can be put to that purpose --why else would I post here.

    Here's the article:

    On the role of the 8th Mechanized Corps in the June 1941 counteroffensive mounted by the South-Western Front - ENGLISH.BATTLEFIELD.RU - ENGLISH.BATTLEFIELD.RU

    Here's the source for the situation map (AMVAS site).



    The battle map for the first counterattack is from Google Maps. I surmise the difference in spelling is the use of Latin characters in Russian(text) versus Ukraine(map).


    Since I was not able to identify the towns with any certainty (Pelcha, etc.), I have not included a battle map for the second counter attack. But the general area is between Brody and Dubno. Pan southwest to L'viv and use the '+' button to zoom in. Brody is northeast of L'viv.

    Map detect

    I would like more information on the second counterattack. While the enemy losses were probably over estimated, the presence of T-34's and KV's lends some credit to the reports. If anybody knows of additional sources (from either side) in books or on the web please post.

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    While the map posted above has a better appearance, I think the map I used in the starting post better matches the article I linked to.

    However I think the map above may correspond to other interpretations of the battle other than the version of the commander of the 8th Mechanized Corps.
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    Maybe this one


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    This is better.
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    Maybe this one

    Great maps!
    From a Russian site?
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    Great maps!
    From a Russian site?

    From a book

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