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  1. Smudge

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    Hi all

    What markings were applied to vehicles in the N/E African theatres...the same/similar to those in Europe...AoS, Formation signs, WD numbers? Any others?

    Say for example...what markings would I find on a 8th Army softskin vehicle apart from the army formation sign. Would the Army level vehicles have had AoS too?

    Would the numbers be the same or higher?

    As anyone got any decent photos/articles of the subject?


  2. Rich Payne

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    The AoS markings for Middle East Forces are horribly complicated. Some followed War Office directives and others were adapted to the local cirumstances. They were changed regularly for security purposes and I suspect that in view of the large numbers of vehicles captured there and the constant presence of possible informers, this occurred more often than in other locations.

    Hodges and Taylor's "British Military Markings" includes lots of tables but no index which makes it a little cumbersome. If you have a vehicle, date and unit in mind, I'll happily look something up for you.
  3. Smudge

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    Hi Rich

    Just trying to get my head around it all...I'm trying to work out what sub-unit AoS would be on a 8th Army truck...is that a GHQ marking i.e with a white bar at the bottom? What would have been typical numbers for say HQ vehicles? or RA

    ...can you still get Taylor and Hodges book?

  4. chrisgrove

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    A quick look at Amazon tells me you can still buy a new copy - at nearly £150 - or a used copy for only £70. The earlier version by Hodges only (though cheaper) has much less stuff on the Middle East than the later version.


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