85455 Michael Richard Daniell FOOT, MiD, Royal Artillery attached Special Air Service

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    Here is the E & E report for MRD Foot SOE Historian and wartime SAS IO.

    Thanks to Tom Tass for the heads up on this

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    A few more pieces from Foot's interview after his escape.


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    Thankyou Jedburgh 22 :)
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    Personal Number: 85455
    Rank: Major
    Name: Michael Richard Daniell FOOT, MiD
    Unit: Royal Artillery attached Special Air Service

    London Gazette : 20 September 1945
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned hi recognition of .gallant and distinguished services in the field: —
    Royal Regiment of Artillery.
    Maj. (actg.) M. R. D. FOOT (85455).
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    Just going through some old files and came across a copy of MRD Foot's complete report with a map of the Prisoner War camp at St. Nazaire, will have to strain your eyes a little to read as it is a poor copy.

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    Video of Foot on the stretcher at the POW exchange

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