6th (Rocket) Field Squadron R.E.

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    I recently acquired some items belonging to a ww2 sapper amongst the items was a xmas card on the front an RE badge with a rocket passing in front and inside beneath the message printed was "6th (Rocket) Field Squadron R.E." The sapper served in N.Africa and Italy does anyone know of this outfit or have any information concerning it.Thanks RMR
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    A quick look showed three unit war diaries held at the National Archives. Two of them based in the UK from 1940 to May 1942 and then they pop up again with a North Africa file dated from Jan-March 1943.
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    My father was in 6 Field Squadron RE, he never mentioned rockets at all but they where attached to 8 Armoured Division and went to NA with them in may 42.
    the reason why the war diaries stop at Mar 1943 is the renumbering of field squadrons, they went from 6 Fld Sqn to 626 Field Squadron.

    I would be interested in any information from these belongings you would care to post.
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    I have just joined this forum. A few weeks ago I discovered a cache of air graphs and airmail postcards sent by my father 2nd Lt JSM Dashwood 6th (Rocket) Field Squadron to my mother between 1941 and 1948. The first I have transcribed was written in Holmbury St. Mary, nr. Dorking, Surrey, 29/6/41. So far I have only transcribed 27, and have several hundred to go. The letters are from England, North Africa, Sicily, Italy up to near Monte Cassino, when he was invalided (Typhoid, Jaundice, Diphtheria) back to Sicily, then Algiers and eventually England, consequently he missed the disaster of the booby trapped bridge in Italy. The letters are in fairly random order, and it takes a lot of effort to transcribe each one, but when I have enough to make a clear picture, would people be interested in seeing the results?
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Any sharing of information is always welcome here.

    There are bound to be others out there looking for background on the unit too.

    Thanks and good luck transcribing.

    (I've removed your duplicate post on another thread, best to keep to one thread.)

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