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    i found the name of the following Uk officers captured on 10 june 1942.

    Capt KEMP RS,

    I like know which was the Squadron of them and any other possibile news.
    Thanks in Advance
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    War Diaries of the 6th Royal Tank Regiment
    War diaries of 6 RTR for Feb 1942 has the following covering two of the men:

    10/2/42 A Sqn reformed with Major EJA Pettman commanding, Capt RS Kemp, Lt AP Gain and 2Lt JA Garrard.
    2Lt DP Williams joined from RAC Base Depot – posted to C Sqn.
    April 1942 has the following covering the last man:
    16/4/42 The undermentioned officers were posted to the Regt from RAC Base Depot and attached to Sqns as shown:- Lt A Aplin HQ Sqn 2Lt JR Macdonald A Sqn 2Lt HC Reid A Sqn 2Lt C Jones B Sqn 2Lt P Bampfield C Sqn 2Lt P Wilkinson C Sqn
    So one in A Squadron and Two in C Squadron.

    Finally War Diary entry for June 10, 1942:
    0600 – 2 patrols of A Sqn sent out to our old position. Orders received from Bde for attack on tanks on ridge SW of KNIGHTSBRIDGE. 2nd Armd Bde attacking from NE. Regt has RHA in support. 1st RTR covering left flank.
    0745 – Regt moved off from leaguer area.
    0900 – Regt reached area West of un-named BIR 382409 and came under fire from enemy tanks and A/Tk guns. C Sqn on left, B Sqn on right, A Sqn watching flanks.
    0910 – C Sqn pushed forward to engage enemy tanks.
    0915 – One enemy tank set on fire.
    0940 – Heavy fire from 88mm Bty to left flank, 2 Grants knocked out.
    0950 – 1 Grant and 1 Honey knocked out and another enemy tank set on fire. Very heavy and accurate fire from 88’s, caused Regt to withdraw slightly. Bty RHA gave support and engaged the enemy guns.
    1030 – Tank attack reported coming in on 1st RTR on left. C Sqn moved round quickly to give support.
    1100 – Patrol of A Sqn sent out to look at 2 burning Grants and try and locate crews, driven off by A/TK fire.
    1400 – Some crews of the tanks knocked out in the morning walked in and reported that Italian infantry had been sent to destroy the damaged tanks and presumably had captured Capt RS Kemp, 2Lt Williams and 2Lt Wilkinson (wounded) and some of the crews. Remainder of the day was spent in this area, some slight shelling. After dark Regt withdrew and leaguered some 3 miles back. Losses 3 Grants 2 Stuarts Claims 2 enemy tanks destroyed. Several other tanks and A/Tk guns thought to have been damaged or destroyed.
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    thanks so much for your help!!
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    do you know Squadron Commanders on June too?


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