6981465 George WOODWARD, 1st Bn Inniskilling Fusiliers: 08/01/1943

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    If this one has been raised before please bare with me as I'm still struggling to work out the new layout and searches.

    I'm trying to find out where the 1st Bn Inniskilling Fusiliers were at the time of Fus George Woodward's death on the 8th January 1943. I believe they were moved to Burma late in 1942 but after that I'm at a loss.

    All help appreciated.

    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 6981465
    Regiment & Unit/Ship: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1st Bn.
    Date of Death: Died 08 January 1943
    Age: 26 years old
    Buried or commemorated at RANGOON MEMORIAL
    Memorial Reference: Face 12.
    Location: Myanmar
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    According to the Frank Fox history: "The Battalion immediately moved down the beach to the Donbaix (Donbaik) position, arriving just before dusk and attacked at dawn the next morning (8th January), B Company on the right, A Company on the left, supported by field and mountain guns. B Company was held up almost at once by a devastating cross fire of machine guns and mortars while A Company by passed the position and, moving through the hills, rushed the village of Donbaix, the enemy fleeing and leaving his stores behind, even a prepared meal of rice. But he came back in strength, A Company, overwhelmed, retired north through the jungle, rejoining the Battalion, much depleted, (on the) next day. The line was now being held by B Company on the right and C Company on the left."
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    Here is a run of pages from the war diary for January and a couple of nominal rolls showing George:

    DSC07574 copy.JPG DSC07590 copy.JPG DSC07591 copy.JPG DSC07592 copy.JPG DSC07593 copy.JPG DSC07594 copy.JPG DSC07595 copy.JPG DSC07596 copy.JPG DSC07597 copy.JPG DSC07597 copy.JPG Page 1. copy.jpg
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    Sorry, I made a right mess of adding those images, however, if you drag them to your desktop they should be ok to view more comfortably.

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    New format can produce some monster imagery...;)
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    Almost scary HC.

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