617 Squadron “Dambuster” Relics ED925 AJ-M

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    Hello all
    I thought members might like to see some parts recovered from 617 Squadron Lancaster ED925 AJ-M. The relics were recovered from the crash site in the late 80s, by the late aviation archaeologist Alan Brown. The display includes various interesting items, including pieces of the Mohne Dam and several aircraft components. Most interestingly, the display contains what looks like part of the spotlight assembly with instructions on how to adjust the angle of the lamp. I’m no expert on the Avro Lancaster, but I can’t think of another large lamp on the aircraft that would need adjusting in this way (I assume landing lights wouldn’t require angle adjustment)? The piece is broken into two parts and was obviously fitted to the outside of the aircraft, due to the remains of black exterior paint. Although corroded in places, the instructions can still be made out and read “TO ADJUST ANGLE OF OFFSET SLACKEN OFF SCREWS (12) MOVE LAMP TO NEW POSITION AND TIGHTEN UP.”
    The diameter is roughly 6”, which corresponds with the Aldis Lamps used on the raid. I’d be interested to hear peoples opinions and theories.
    Also a large section of skinning bears a data label “ACCESS TO MOORING ATTACHMENT” ,I’d be interested to know where this might be located on the aircraft.

    Many thanks and a Happy (better) New Year
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    Hi, is this in a private collection or viewable somewhere?
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    Hi Markyboy
    The display is currently in private hands.
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    Best wishes from germany.

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