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    I am trying to track down the history of a chap who served initially with the 523 Coast Regiment RteA at various locations in Cornwall before being posted to the 55th Field Regiment RA (WSY) late in 1943. I have his service record but after this date, other than attending a course in Redcar, Yorks in March/April 1944 I have no other information until his demob in 1946. Paperwork at this time are dated with the depot being at AACHEN, Germany.
    Is there any way that I may find any further details of his career? a Battery No may even be helpfull.
    Any Suggestions please
    Gunner Edward Blease 1752746.
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    I am no expert on the wartime movements of 55 (Wessex) Field Regiment but I believe the Regiment was part of the Guards Armoured Division during the period you are interested in. They certainly ended the war in the area of the Cuxhaven Peninsular between Bremen and Hamburg before moving in late June 1945 with the entire Division to the Rhineland. My working notes show that the Regiment were in the Aachen area for a time but moved north to Flensburg in late Spring 1946 (but by that time GNR Blease may have returned to civilian life)

    I was involved in researching a similar query regarding another member of the Guards Armoured Division. This showed that the Division was based in the then East and North Ridings of Yorkshire for a significant period of time in 1943/Spring 1944, the course at Redcar is consistent with this data.

    The excellent www.royalartillerynetherlands1944-1945 website also contains some details of the Regiments moves in Belgium and Holland in Autumn 1944 and Winter 1945.
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  3. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Can help with locations post 8 May 45

    Headquarters Royal Artillery Guards Armoured Division command 30th Corps
    Bargstedt west of Buxtehude – to Cuxhaven
    19 May 45 – Dorfstrasse Eitze south-east Verden

    9 Jun 45 – redesignated Headquarters Royal Artillery Guards Division
    17 Jun 45 – Schloss Rahe Aachen command now 1st Corps District

    55th (Wessex) Field Regiment Royal Artillery
    Regimental Headquarters: unknown – to Gudendorf – to Dorum both south of Cuxhaven
    21 May 45 – Oyten north-west of Verden
    373 Battery – Oyten
    374 Battery – Ottersberg west of Rotenburg
    439 Battery – Otterstedt north-west of Rotenburg

    15 Jun 45 – Aachen
    373 Battery – Herzogenrath north of Aachen
    374 Battery – Merkstein north of Aachen
    439 Battery – Kohlscheid north of Aachen

    Best of luck with your research
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    bluebell and Steve, thanks for your helpfull information, now can anyone help with identifying which battery he served with ? Are there any RA records that would point me in the right direction? As I mentioned before I have his service records but they dont appear to note any battery No after posting to 55th.
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