53RD Medium Regiment June 1944

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  1. middy

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    I am researching 4 AGRA action and activity and wondered if anyone had access to the 53rd Medium Regiment for the period 4th to 14th June 1944.

    Hope you can help,

  2. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    what do you want to know? I don't have the war diaries for the 53rd but have an extract from their regimental history covering that period.

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  3. middy

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    Hi Sheldrake,
    I may have covered some of this before with you in a previous thread.

    Thanks for the 53rd history of which i have seen a couple of pages before.

    What i want to know is in connection with 65 Med Reg and a couple of related points:

    65th landed on Juno Beach on 6th/7th...did the 53rd arrive at the same location, does their diary give any info?

    Ideally the 222/223 battery of the 65th location on 13th June.... being part of 4 AGRA (along with 53rd and others)
    I received a chart previously showing the pre-planned layout of the various Regimental guns.

    The 65th War Diary is sparse for the 12th-14th June and i wondered if 53rd's would be more informative.

    If i could establish a link then i would know where my father was wounded on the 13th. I believe it may have been between Colleville and Hermanville but i am seeking confirmation.

  4. Rob Dickers

    Rob Dickers 10th MEDIUM REGT RA

    I asked Kieth Baker who has the 53rd web-site to mail me the diary for your dates last week.
    He replied that he is not well at the moment but will do so when he’s better.
  5. middy

    middy Junior Member

    Thanks Rob, didn't know you had done that. No rush , especially as Keith is unwell.

  6. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    If you read the documents I scanned and posted this morning you will find answers to some of your questions...
  7. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    However, on 7-8th June 65th Medium Regiment was under command 3rd Infantry Division.

    The notes I have on the HQRA 3 Div war diary say

    "8th June - 65 MR landed took over sp of 6ABD N ½ 0979"

    This may have been the ARA occupied by 76 Fd on D day. That gives you a 500m x 1000m oblong just south of the road from Queen beach to Coleville. If you stand with your back to the statue of Montgomery you are at the mid point of the northern edge of the ARA. Look south. That is half left from the road to Coleville.

    They were probably there until 12 July when they moved to Le Mesnil.
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  8. middy

    middy Junior Member

    Thanks Sheldrake,

    Can you explain ''6ABD N ½ 0979" ?

    Also is the 500mx1000m oblong at north point (500m wide) going south 1000m towards Collville -sur-Orne., if so then i have (I think) confirmed the area, within a couple of fields, that i have been searching for as the ARA for the 65th and others.
  9. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    In support of 6th Airborne Division from North half of grid square 0979

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  10. middy

    middy Junior Member

    Thanks Sheldrake,very useful for me.

    Can i just double check , as this is the first Grid iv'e seen; you quoted 0979 grid but the attached file is headed up 0779...is this still the same location?
  11. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    The file name is a typo. 65 Medium regiment are also mentioned in the 6th Airborne Division artillery orders as being in direct support of 6th AB division from the time they landed - scheduled pm DDay.
  12. middy

    middy Junior Member

    Thanks Sheldrake. I had taken from the 53rd History extract that they were positioned literally between Hermanville and Colleville to be roughly on a line between the two villages. I had assumed ( perhaps mistakenly) they and the 65th were together.

    However, the 0979 Grid would put 65M further north, nearer the coast.

    The 53rd History then goes on to say they '' made a slight sidestep from Colleville to Hermanville '' and '' on the 20th June moved 4000 yards to Plumetot ( also 4AGRA's HQ. location). This would put them originally between H and C which is only roughly 4000yds from Plumetot......the 0979 Grid being 7000 yards away.

    However, the ARA you sent me before shows 53rd and 65th ''together'' on the same diagram but if the scale of that ARA covered a much larger area then 53M would be to the South West of 65M and hence put 65th in the 0979 Grid area .

    That scenario makes sense now.
    I am being pedantic as i would really like to visit the specific site next year where my dad finished his war on the 13th June.

    If it sounds logical would you let me have your views.

  13. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    I have already sent some directions. "Stand at the statue of Montgomery etc..."
  14. middy

    middy Junior Member

    As i have never seen a Artillery Reserved Area drawing before all i was trying to establish from the one received from you is that although they look on paper to be next to each other they ( 65M AND 53m) could actually be some distance apart eg a couple of miles and asking in your experience if this view makes sense.

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  15. middy

    middy Junior Member

    still don't know?
  16. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    Sorry, i thought I had already responded, but the forum seems to have lost the post.

    You can ignore the ARA trace. This was the plan written in the UK before the operation and presupposed a fairly rapid advance to Caen. The ARA numbered 53 Medium is in Cambes which was more less in the front line on 8th June. I thought it might be of use, but it is a red herring.

    The HQRA 3rd Div war diary is very clear. 65 Field deployed in N 1/2 Grid Square 0979

    I don't have the 53rd Med Regiment WD, which is your best source. The notes I have start on 20 June with the entry
    Jun 20 Move from hermanville to Plumetot, occupied old 4 AGRA HQ posn.

    If they are between Hermanville and Colville than I suspect they were N of the road leading E from Hermanville to Colville. This was the position 7 Fd Regt occupied on D day. (It is one of the ARAs on the Trace)
  17. middy

    middy Junior Member

    Thanks Sheldrake,

    Can i just double check with you that ''The HQRA 3rd Div war diary is very clear. 65 Field deployed in N 1/2 Grid Square 0979'' should read 65 Medium which is the one i am following.

    I've located the general area between Hermanville and Collville where the 53rd were and then the 53rd History states they ''moved 4000 yards to Plumetot on 20th June '' which again makes the area they moved from reasonably clear to locate.

    Rob Dickers has asked Keith Baker for the 53rd diary and when received will copy me. This may give more info.

    I think if you can confirm that it is 65th Medium in Grid Square 0979 then i'm on safe ground to fix that area as the one i want to visit.

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  18. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake All over the place....

    Yes. Its my typo. it is still 65 medium which deployed as per the HQRA 3rd div wardiary
  19. DannyM

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    The RHQ of 65 Medium Regt was at Map reference 093783.

    This information comes from the War Diary of 1571 Medium Regimental Platoon, RASC.

    This platoon was one of the nine platoons in 319 Coy. RASC (Arty).

    A Detachment from 1571 Artillery Platoon RASC (Heavy) had 28 All Ranks in it and its object was to supply 65 Medium Regt RA with Amm, POL etc.

    There were 13 3 Ton Lorries and 3 M/Cs

    10th June 1944. 12.00 hrs. Disembarked by LCT to King Beach. Location established in orchard next to RHQ 65 Med Regt RA, map ref 7E/2/093783.

    11th June 1944. Amm del to 65 Med Regt RA, reload at B.M.A.

    Unfortunately they give no other map references for 65th Med Regt.

    The unit title changed on the 10th May 1944.


  20. ozzy16

    ozzy16 Patron Patron

    HI John,
    I have the diary for 319 coy RASC Jan-Dec 1944. My father's unit 1611 Coy RASC was attached to it (he was a driver)
    On this page of the diary you will note 53 med regt and there is a ref point at the top of the page.don't know if this helps your cause.
    I would like to know where this ref point is for my own research.(946809 to 958817 sheet 7E/5)

    Cheers......Graham. 319rasc.jpg
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