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  1. Hello there my names Claire.

    I'm currently researching my late grandads army history. When he was alive he didn't talk much about his time during the war and wouldn't answer many questions, so I'm hoping this forum and the people on here can help me out.

    He served in the 52nd recce and his name was alec fellows. He left me a copy of "time spent" and his medals when he died.

    I have managed to purchase the book "the fighting fifty-second recce" and "mountain and flood" in terms first book there are pics of each regimentand would like to know if anybody could tell me how to find the names of the people in the pictures.

    Any help anybody can give me or I can give them would be brilliant. X
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    Hello Claire and welcome to the forum. Lovely to have another Recce on here.
    Perhaps you could start a new thread under Recce and post your query on there, or maybe the mods will move your post :)

    Please post any paperwork and photos and details of his medals, I am sure someone will be along soon to help.

    From The British Reconnaissance Corps in World War II by Richard Doherty:

    "52nd (Lowland) Reconnaissance Regiment-Trained originally for mountain warfare, this unit included a squadron of Valentine tanks and used Daimler Dingo scout cars. Re-roled officially as an air-portable formation, in the event 52nd (Lowland) Division was shipped to NW Europe as a conventional infantry formation in October 1944, and served throughout the rest of that campaign until May 1945."

    Best start by applying for your grandfathers service records first

    Another excellent book you could read about Recce's actions is Only the Enemy in Front by Richard Doherty

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    Hi and welcome to the forum Claire, good luck with your research

  4. Historic Steve

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    Welcome Claire, if required I can let you know where the regiment was located post 8 May 45 until disbandment Apr 46
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    Claire welcome to the forum. Great to have another Recce on board.

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    Hello Claire,
    I too am researching the 52nd lowland div as my father served from dec 44 to its disbandment in 46.
    Strangely his name was Alec.... Alec Underhill. an unusual christian name and that is what got my attention.
    Hope you are finding what you need to know... service records are invauable in tracing a soldiers movements although I am having difficulty finding out more about HQ squadron.
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    She never came back after joining & making that post.

    granddaughter of a recce was last seen:Aug 5, 2015
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    Thanks Owen...
    The post was quite old so it was a long shot.
  9. Hello there Owen,

    Sorry this has been so long. I have now got hold of my grandad service records, which have given me an insite as to what he got up to, but still like to find out, how I could go about finding the names of peiple in the pictures of that book.

    Kind regards Claire xx

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