50th (Northumbrian) Division Ordnance Field Park (OFP) RAOC - 1944

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    Saw these entries in 50 Div OFP war diary (WO171/524) and found picture (A23033) of this vessel on IWM website taken in April 1944:

    19 May 1944 BURLEY
    1st Flight, consisting of 4 vehicles and 15 O.Rs, left for final Concentration Area at Beckton Marshes.

    1 June 1944
    1st Flight commenced loading at Victoria Docks – London.

    3 June 1944
    Flight 1 completed loading and personnel embarked on SS/SAMINVER/MT.10.

    Saminver - MT.10.PNG

    Has anyone got any more details of the load carried by this vessel during its first trip to Normandy? The 1st flight of the OFP began landing at Le Hamel on 8 June 1944.

    If anyone is interested, I'd gladly post up more war diary extracts for this unit as I transcribe them. It's not enormously detailed though.


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    I'll certainly have a look at that over the coming days.



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