4th & 5th Infantry Brigade Anti-Tank Company - end 1939/start 1940

Discussion in '1940' started by heatherannej, Dec 21, 2020.

  1. heatherannej

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    Has your research thrown up anything that "my" Frenchman would find useful? I am sharing everything I find out with him. Personally, I have no knowledge of this situation and am just a go-between. I'll eventually submit something to the Royal Artillery Museum, on the Frenchman's behalf ... for them to assess whether it is worth the Museum keeping it on record. Many thanks in advance, Heather
  2. shamus2d6

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    Hi Heather, I haven't found anything specific as yet, I intend to go to the National Archives and review 4th Infantry Brigade War Diary when Covid lifts. I will keep him in mind and post back on anything I think could possibly be useful. Sean
  3. heatherannej

    heatherannej Junior Member

    Thank you very much Sean, that is much appreciated. Heather

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