4986549 Pte J WHITE, Sherwood Foresters

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    Hello members,

    I was wondering if anyone could help with a bit of research on a recently acquired medal group. It's a post WW2 GSM Palestine 1945-48/ Africa Star (1st Army)/ Italy Star group of six to 4986549 Pte J White of the Sherwood Foresters. His number is in the block allocation to the Sherwood Foresters and the medals would suggest he was 2nd Battalion.

    Does anyone have access to the enlistment books or any other reference material, or could anyone give me an approximate enlistment date please?

    Thanks very much to anyone who can help.

  2. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    The Africa Star (1st Army refers to the 2nd Foresters as part of 1st British Infantry Divisions service in Tunisia March - June 1943..Part of the Division took part in the capture of Pantelleria. They then carried out Mountain training in Tunisia in preparation to join 8th Army in Italy but after a matter of days came under 5th Army VI Corps where they took part in the Anzio Landings and subsequent battles until June 1944. Then on to Florence from where they moved north to the Gothic line ending their Italian campaign on Monte Grande overlooking Bologna having relieved the American 88th Div.
    The Division then went to Palestine in January 1945 where they were recuperating but stayed as WW2 finished before they could return to Italy.
    There are a number of members who have in depth knowledge and information of the Division and its Battalions.
    I have only studied the 67th Field Regt in depth 2 Foresters are one of the Battalions that they provided with direct Artillery Support throughout WW2. 1940 -45.
    However O/R's are difficult to track down as their records are not individually recorded. Officers appear in Monthly Returns.
    There is a remote chance of finding him in the War Diary Appendices under lists of men required to return to their unit having been admitted to hospital, unless he might have been listed as a casualty.
    Chances of him turning up in group photographs are remote.
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    Thanks very much.
    Yes, I am aware of the general history of the 2nd Battalion in WW2. I'm a WW2 medal collector (WW2 groups with a named medal) and carry out research on the medals that I own, unit history and the man's personal military history.
    It's more about details on Pte J White that I would like to know really, even aproximate enlistment date.
  4. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    Yes I recall you from a while ago, when you had the good fortune to research one or possibly two men from the 67th Field Regt one of whom I think was Sgt Knight.

    Edit: Just looked it up. Sgt Knight enquiry was was on 21st October 2021.

    Despite Covid we are both still here.
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    Yes, I've got a really interesting hobby. Sergeants Knight's group is excellent, I bought it from a dealer who knew he was KIA but didn't know he had an MID. A great story about him as well. I've got about four WW2 groups to the Sherwood Foresters, all with a named medal.

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