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    Can anyone please help with any information on a driver with 40 Motor Coach Company during WW2. His name was Christopher Matthew Ranson (rank unknown) born 12th August 1920 at Alford, Surrey in a house which was eventually commandeered and became part of RAF Dunsfold. His service number was T/244425.

    40 Motor Coach Coy later became 64 Troop Carrying Coy but eventually reverted to its original title. However it is the early days of this company up to mid 1942 that I am particularly interested in. I have tried on the RASC page but the information there is a little too generalised.
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    1939 England and Wales Register
    Name: Christopher M Ramson
    [Christopher M Ranson]
    Gender: Male
    Marital status: Single
    Birth Date: 12 Aug 1920
    Residence Year: 1939
    Address: Prime ??
    Residence Place: Guildford, Surrey, England
    Occupation: General Labourer
    Schedule Number: 160
    Sub Schedule Number: 3
    Enumeration District: DNNB
    Registration district: 33/4
    Household Members:
    Harry Ramson
    Robert T Ramson
    Christopher M Ramson

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    This is excellent, thank you and it is definitely the right man although I have checked with his family and the name is definitely Ranson not Ramson. However, his father's name was Harry and his brother was Robert. His address was Primeads Farm so your Prime?? question is answered! This does make me wonder if he is registered with the army as Ramson not Ranson - perhaps that's why I can't find him.
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    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Christopher Matthew Ranson
    Death Age: 78
    Birth Date: 12 Aug 1920
    Registration Date: Feb 1999
    Registration district: Durham Northern
    Inferred County: Durham
    Register Number: S31B
    District and Subdistrict: 4403
    Entry Number: 271

    Global, Gravestone Photograph Index, 1265-2014
    Name: Christopher Matthew Ranson
    Birth Year: 1921
    Burial Year: 1999
    Burial Place: Burnopfield, Durham, England
    Death Age: 78
    Cemetery: St James
    Relationship: not given of Hannah Crawford
    St James Church burial ground, Burnopfield, Durham, England indexed by Gravestone Photographic Resource Project

    Christopher Matthew Ranson
    Birth: 12 Aug 1920 - Hambledon, Surrey, England
    Death: Feb 1999 - Durham, Durham, England
    F: Harry Ranson
    M: Agnes Winson

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    Thanks TD,
    That's good information - the burial place is a bit of a surprise but it's only a couple of miles from where I live and I pass it fairly often so next time I am passing, I will stop and have a look.
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    Just come across this forum. My father Harry Ruddlesdin was a member of 40 MCC. I have a photograph from 1942 of the entire company (151 officers and men) but unfortunately there are no names. I doubt it would scan with sufficient detail to identify individuals. I live near Huddersfield but go to County Durham regularly if anybody wants to have a look at the original.

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