3963443 Gwyn DAVIES, Welch Regiment

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  1. PeteT

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    Does anyone have any details regarding the death of 3963443 Gwyn Davies (Welch Regiment) who died on 1st September 1944.
    My normal research area is RAF, but whilst exercising around our village over the last few days, I noticed his headstone in the local cemetery.

    Any help would be much appreciated
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    He is buried only 7 minutes away from his parents' home - my first guess is that he was wounded in France and repatriated back to the UK where he either died at home or at a nearby hospital

    The 4th Battalion was in the 160th Infantry Brigade attached to the 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division. In June 1944 the battalion was ordered to France to join the British 2nd Army in the Normandy Campaign.

    From the start of the campaign the 4th Battalion was involved in fierce fighting during the Battle for Caen and around the Falaise Pocket (June / July / August 1944)
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    A helpful member may be able to post his details from the official casualty lists on FMP which should give a cause of death - on the above hypothesis died of wounds or another cause.

    There may be more than one entry if he was wounded and died some time later.

    You could always apply for his service records or even search the online newspaper archives.

    Good Luck

  4. Tony56

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    This MAY be his death registration details, age and location match, in which case his death certificate should help.
    England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007
    First name(s) GWYN
    Last name DAVIES
    Gender Male
    Birth day -
    Birth month -
    Birth year 1915
    Age 29
    Death quarter 3
    Death year 1944
    District Cardiganshire South
    County Cardiganshire
    Volume 11B
    Page 11
    Country Wales
    Record set England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007

    Edit: he is not in the casualty lists
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  5. PeteT

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    Thanks for the responses ... I couldn't find any further details on FMP ..... any other avenues that I can pursue?



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