382 squadron Untied States Air Force reconnaissance mission over Argentan on June 25th 1944.

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    Can anyone help? I am wanting to find out which air field did 12 P51s from 382 squadron take off from when they carried out a recce mission over the Argentan area of France?
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    Recherche de France-Crashes 39-45

    Recherche de France-Crashes 39-45

    RAF Staplehurst - Wikipedia
    363rd Fighter Group
    Staplehurst was chosen to house one of the Ninth Air Force's two P-51B Mustang fighter groups (The other being the 354th Fighter Group), and the 363rd Fighter Group moved into Staplehurst on 14 April [1944] from RAF Rivenhall. The group consisted of the following operational squadrons and fuselage codes:
    380th Fighter Squadron (A9)
    381st Fighter Squadron (B3)
    382rd Fighter Squadron (C3)
    On 30 June [1944] the 363rd was alerted for movement to the Continent, its new base being the airfield at Maupertus (ALG A-15), near Cherbourg.

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    Does anyone know where I can get copies of the squadron's logbook for that day?
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    Just noticed the title of this thread

    Untied States Air Force - think you might need to correct the minor error

    I would guess you need to contact perhaps our sister site [ http://www.ww2f.com/ ], as records are probably at NARA, but a member over there 'may' have them ??

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    Cheers mate.
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    2 errors, 1 typo & 1 factual.
    USAF wasn't formed until 1947.
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    Cheers for that mate, I never knew, so wat was it called originally?
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    Easy question. United States Army Air Force USAAF.
    Perhaps the Untied States Air Force was part of the Confederate Army but not in 1944!!
    The Confederate Army also made use of balloons, but they were gravely hampered by supplies due to the embargoes. They were forced to fashion their balloons from colored silk dress-making material, and their use was limited by the infrequent supply of gas in Richmond, Virginia. The first balloon "pilot" in the Confederate "air force" was Edward Porter Alexander.[3] By the summer of 1863, all balloon reconnaissance of the Civil War had ceased. (From Wiki).

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    Cheers Tim.

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