38 (Irish) Brigade - events in London and Northern Ireland, July 2013.

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    I would just like to draw your attention to a couple of events that my brother, Edmund, and I have organised to take place in London and Londonderry for later in the week (w/c 22nd July 2013)...both are free to join so if any of you are in the vicinity of either place, we would be very pleased to see you...

    1) Thursday 25 July 2013, 1100-1300.
    Venue: Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI), Whitehall, London.
    "Military History and the World Wide Web"

    A special briefing about the role of the internet in recording knowledge and insight about the Second World War.
    further details: http://www.irishbrigade.co.uk/media/Military%20History%20and%20the%20World%20Wide%20Web%20(1).pdf

    [SIZE=12pt]2) Saturday 27th July 2013, 1000-1300.[/SIZE]
    Venue: Tower Museum, Derry/Londonderry.
    "Irish Brigade in the Second World War"

    Highlighting the key role played by Ireland and soldiers of Irish descent in battles throughout Tunisia, Sicily, and mainland Italy during the period 1942 to 1945.

    Speakers will include local historian and Prehen resident Richard Doherty, author of Clear the Way! A History of the 38th (Irish) Brigade, 1941-47.
    further details: http://www.irishbrigade.co.uk/media/The%20Irish%20Brigade%20Conference%20(2).pdf

    best wishes.,
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    Hi bexley84 I just want to wish you and your brother lots of luck in your upcoming events,and to thank you both for the great work you have done in the past as well as the future.many thanks B/B
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    Thanks, Bugleboy for your best wishes
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    Wishing you both the best of luck. I hope it all goes well. Wish I could find an excuse to visit London, but busy packing the house up for our move. Hope you had a good holiday by the way.
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    As an ex 78 Div man, may I also send fraternal greetings to all veterans of the Irish Brigade and to all their descendants who honour them in this manner.

    Have a great time !

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    Ron, Maria,

    Yes, thank you so much.

    Our web site is certainly shaped to cover fully the experiences of the PBI.. but we never forget the support provided by men from Recce units, REs, RASC, Signals, RA, their MG supporters, and the various armoured squadrons of British/Canadian tank crews, as well as the RN and RAF.

    My Dad certainly didn't forget their contribution. And a few priests and vicars did their bit, too.

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    Found some London Irish Wills listed at the Scottish National Archives for you. Wish I lived closer to Edinburgh to go and look at them for you. Hope there may be some info you can use from the attached anyway. Cheers - Maria

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    Rfn Childs was the first London Irishmen killed in front line service during the Second World War.

    Interesting also that a number of these chaps weren't Scottish... and also the date column - pre dates death so I guess that's when the will was lodged.

    In the case of Rfn Childs, the LIR had arrived in Cumnock on 9th June 1942 so he must have written his will almost straightaway - perhaps my father did the same....


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