322 MU Cawnpore Photos

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    This is my first post, so go easy lol!

    My grandfather was stationed at 322 MU Cawnpore and he was an avid photographer. I want to learn more about his time there. He died when I was little so I did not get to ask him questions. I have his photography collection along with the negatives. I would love to share the photos I have and the negatives as i restore them with others who may have had family at Cawnpore. Is this allowed?

    Thank you


    PS My granddad was Leslie Potter

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    Photographs are always welcome :) The truck that he's leaning on is a CMP (Canadian pattern) Chevrolet.
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    Thank you - I will add that nugget of info to my file :)
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    322 MU history
    Nucleus formed 21/5/43 as service manned Base Repair Depot in 226 Group at No 29 Personnel Transit Camp Drigh Road; 1/7/43 Cawnpore (detachment Chakeri to 9/2/45); disbanded 31/10/47. [1946/47 was a dump for all SEAC Liberators]
    From Air Britain's RAF Flying Training and Support Units.

    A bit here about the work of the unit on Liberators. 322 Maintenance Unit and the demolition of SEAC Liberators
    And the work of Liberators in the Far East generally SEAC Liberator Squadrons of the RAF
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    This is loads of good data. Thank you so much

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