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    I saw this French identity card on the twitter of a French citizen living in Normandy during the invasion. The Identity card has been rubber stamped by the Airborne Field Security of the 6th Airborne Division and under the ink stamp is a half penny postage stamp and probably a signature but hard to see or say.


    This would have been 317th (Airborne) Field Security Section's job to record and vet locals to ensure there was no spying or sabotage by collaborators. FSS' job was to find captured documents and disseminate the information as part of the Intelligence corps, small but vital part of the division.

    This is part of a French poster for citizens:

    IDENTITY CARD: Currently identity cards are recognised as valuables. British forces personnel will come to your homes in order to control your ID card and to imprint it under British authority. By these means the population will be guaranteed in regard to the military authority.

    Sgt Fraser Edwards who was with 317 FSS in Normandy recalls having to do this in Graeme Deeley's book Worst Fears Confirmed p.144

    Interesting piece of history which is rare to see


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