310069 Private William BRADLEY, Royal Tank Regiment

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    I appreciate that this is slightly off from WW2, but I'm looking for some help in trying to establish what unit Private Bradley was in.

    I know that he enlisted at Winchester on 25/07/1921 and was discharged from service on 24/07/1933, dying on 13/03/1936.
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    Steve is right you have to be lucky to find anything, but looks like you may be lucky - the below is from the RTC enlistment record - it seems to show he had served in WW1 - under his name in pencil is 9L so I think he was 9th Lancers although I'm not sure if that was his unit all through this later service

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    Thanks Alistair.

    Searching in his WW1 number turns up 3 Medal Index Cards - I don’t have access to the actual Medal Rolls which may have more detail.

    1. 1914/15 Star MIC - Driver 321 Bradley entered France with a Territorial Unit 17th Jan 1915


    On the basis he arrived in France 17 Jan 1925 and went on serve in Salonica he MAY have been part of a RFA unit in 28th Division.

    2. BWM & VM MIC - Gunner 851540 Bradley

    3. Silver War Badge MIC - Gunner 851540 Bradley

    You may find out more about his WW1 service if you post on Great War Forum.


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    Sorry, probably should've expanded the information provided to say that he did serve in WW1 and I have the details of his involvement and various regiments.

    Driver 851450, RFA, 1/A Reserve Brigade 26/08/1914 to 18/03/1919
    Driver 321 RGA
    9th Queen Royal Lancers
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    Thanks for this information. I'll look into the Tank Museum and RTR Tracer Cards as I haven't tried these yet.

    Obtaining the Military Service Record is going to be cost prohibitive at this stage as I have a lot of research to complete.

    My work is available here:- Fareham War Memorial – Holy Trinity with St Columba, Fareham
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    His posting to 1/A Reserve Brigade would be at the very end of his service - a UK based holding unit - while he was being treated for illness/injury and pending his discharge. Without looking at the SWB register I’d hazard a guess he suffered from malaria from his Salonica service and that likely lead to his discharge.

    Good luck with your worthy endeavours.

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    Died at 'The Mount' Sanatorium, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Hampshire from tuberculous mediastinal abscesses causing tuberculosis of the spine.
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