2nd Cameron Highlanders at end of the war ?

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    Can anyone tell me where the 2nd Bttn. Q.O.C.H. were are the end of the war, and anything about their time on the Morgan Line in Pola (Pula ?) during the Italian-Yugoslav crisis in early 1946 ?

    I recently picked up a set of WW2 campaign medals, which included the "Soldier's Release Book", which was signed off by an officer in Pola (actually : "Pola, Italy, CMF" ??), and mentions service in the Morgan Line.

    For what it's worth, he joined army with the Liverpool Scottish in 1943, then joined the 5th Camerons for Normandy campaign, and at some point was badly effected by mortar blast. He was sent back to UK, including a stint in Orkney. He joined the 2nd Camerons in Trieste, so I would like to fill in some gaps....
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    If you can get to the National Archives have a look in these files:

    WO 170/4994 2 Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 1945 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 170/7987 2 Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 1946 Jan.- June

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    As I'm in Ayrshire, so not likely to be any time soon, but I will certainly keep this reference noted. Thanks.

    Slainte, Alan.
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    2nd Camerons went to Greece November 44. They left Greece July 45 for Austria, stationed around Klagenfurt. They returned to Italy September 45 stationed at Verona, Bassano and Grandisca, moving to Trieste May 46. September 47 they returned to GB to Didcot. They returned to Inverness June 30th 1948 where they were disbanded.
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    Hi Alan

    2nd Camrerons were part of 11th Infantry Brigade, which was part of 4th Indian Infantry Division

    4th Indian Infantry Division were in Greece 1944-1945.

    I have already attached their official history in Greece at http://ww2talk.com/f...irs-etc-please/

    Just scroll halfway down and you'll find it.

    Happy reading.

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    Have you tried contact with the Camerons museum at Fort George, Ardesier. they hold all the relevant volumes of the Cameron regimental History's. I have always found them helpful.

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