292 Bty., 94th HAA Regiment, RA: Tunisia

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    I some years ago obtained the war diary for 292bty 94th HAA Regt for April 1943. My Uncle
    Gnr Leonard Parry was sadly killed on the 14th April along with four of his comrades, W/bdr
    J E Fleming, Gnr G W E Gould, Gnr J Halstead and Gnr J Leary. Along side of my Uncle's
    name he has the initials MM in brackets which I am led to believe means he was put up for
    a military medal. This medal was never awarded and no citation listed so more than likely
    it was declined or the information did not get through. The chances of finding out as to why
    he was nominated are slim but I am hoping when the National Archives get back to reuming
    normal service I can get previous war diaries ( WO169/4810 & 9850)which just may give an
    indication of his action. I am uploading the April diary to assist in case of interest to others.
    New to the forum so any thoughts or advice appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Steve

    My father worked at the 94 HAA Regiment's REME Workshops from October 1942 to its disbandment in 1944.

    I have the War Diaries for 292 Bty from 1941 to 1944.

    Start a private conversation (click inbox) with your email address and I'll send you whatever you want to see.


    Hope this helps

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    Parry 4.jpg

    From the casualty lists he was first reported 'Missing believed killed' and then 'Presumed killed in action'

    Casualty Details | CWGC
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    Thanks Tony that's marvellous!
    I have the original newspaper cutting but not the other document which will swell the file I have on my Uncle.
    Just out of interest I have the original communications from the War Office re the Missing then Presumed.
    As the war diary explains he was in the Ford truck which hit a mine with the two guys in the front taking the full explosion of which he was one. With little to bury his name is on a memorial at CWGC Medjez el Bab.
    Many thanks again

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